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What is Revved about Reading™?
It’s simple! The child who owns their own books is a better reader, reads more and is ultimately more likely to succeed in school. Revved about Reading™ rewards students, classrooms, and libraries with new no cost books by earning points!

It’s easy to run.

Revved about Reading™ is a rewards program designed to promote literacy, create excitement in your school, and is very simple to coordinate.

First, challenge your students to read (or be read to) 20 minutes daily for one week.

Second, students ask parents, relatives, and family friends to sponsor their reading goals to earn reward points.

Best of all, your students get to choose a book from the Revved about Reading™ rewards catalogue for their home library for every reward point earned. The more points they earn, the more books they get. Students receive 1 point for every $7 in sponsorship, making it easy for any student to earn new books.

Partner with Gumdrop Books™
and help put books into the hands of your students. This program challenges your students to read (or be read to) 20 minutes daily over a period of one week (100 minutes total). Each student receives a Revved about Reading catalogue featuring over 75 titles to choose their books from. With reward books at 1 point ($7), any student can earn a book. Every dollar goes back to their home library.

Example: Your Revved about Reading™ event earns $3500
(Based on 400 students @ 25% average participation)

If 100 students participate, and they each earn 5 reward points,
the total even sponsorship would be $3500.
Your school library earns a 50% credit to purchase any books you need
from Gumdrop’s complete product catalogue.
($3500 event x 50% = $1750 credit).
For every 40 rewards points an individual classroom earns,
they receive classroom books for their room.
Classroom Reading Level K-3:
Receive 6 six-packs of 4 titles of the teacher’s choice (up to a $50 value)
Classroom Reading Level 4-8:
Receive 5 titles of the teacher’s choice (up to a $50 value)

This example demonstrates a potential return of over $5250 in books for your school.
All books are shipped to your school at no cost and include complimentary MARCs.
A minimum of $150 in sponsorships is required to earn rewards.

“I was very pleased with your system, i.e. you packing the orders for us, by classroom. Wow!  We are very pleased with the selection and quality of the books. We would certainly be interested in doing the program again...probably at the same time next year. Thank you so much!” —Teacher, Loch Lomond School

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